Letters to the Editor

Grade for the real world

As a local employer of 45, I read the story about changing grading standards for some Fayette County high schools with grave concern.

What was described as “standards-based grading” sounds like a strategy for producing even more students who are ill prepared for the adult world.

Recalibrating the grading system may benefit educators and improve the self-esteem of underperforming students, but I am afraid it will delude them about what will be expected of them in the job market.

Opportunities are gained by providing more value than your competitors. There are no do-overs if the right solution is not delivered on time. In the real world, it is about results produced by hard work. Genuine esteem comes from the value provided to others.

Young people need to know that their appearance, attitude, manners and the ability to communicate articulately are important to employers, snd that we will hold them accountable for the impact they have on others – both co-workers and those we serve.

Whether in parenting or education, the goal is to produce great adults adequately prepared to find their place in society. Making students or their parents feel better in the short term by ignoring character-related shortcomings is a cruel deception.

Jonathan Sisk

Founder, CEO

Audio Authority Corp.