Letters to the Editor

Annexation concerns valid

We would like to remind John Soper, chair of the Woodford County Economic Development Authority, that less than half of the plaintiffs in the suits against annexation of Edgewood Farm are Thoroughbred farm owners.

Those farms have been purchased at premium prices, then had millions more poured into them for improvements. They provide significant portions of Woodford County’s revenues through property taxes and payroll taxes, plus the services they buy, the goods and services purchased by their employees and the tourism they attract.

Despite the arguments in his commentary, there is no opposition to a new hospital nor an industrial/agricultural complex. There would be strong support if these projects were on land already within the Urban Service Boundary.

The suits were filed because the plaintiffs believe the city and the Planning and Zoning Commission acted illegally and inappropriately in approving the annexation and rezoning.

We own no farm property. Over 20 years ago, after working as teachers in Michigan, we retired to beautiful Woodford County. We can't imagine a better place to live.

If you want to truly appreciate Woodford County, visit the Metro Detroit area, It was also once beautiful .

Frank and Ellen Gibson