Letters to the Editor

New leadership urgent

Two bombings: 29 wounded. A stabbing rampage: nine wounded. ISIS suspected in bombings, claims responsibility for the stabbing attack.

Response from our president: guaranteeing victory for Hillary Clinton and condemning Donald Trump at a fancy Democratic fundraiser.

No expressed sympathy for the victims, no call for action, no condemnation of ISIS.

Is this the kind of leadership you want for the next four years?

I am, and will always be, a proud American.

This is still the greatest country in the world, and arguably the greatest country in history. But, I am ashamed of the current state of American politics.

I strongly urge every eligible American to vote in the coming election.

Please pray before you vote, and ask whoever you pray to for guidance and wisdom. Then pray that the victor will have guidance and wisdom to lead this great country.

Archie W. Falin