Letters to the Editor

Clinton a shoo-in

Just a note of reassurance to Tom Eblen, Joel Pett, the Herald-Leader editorial staff and your copy-and-paste media partners (The New York Times and Washington Post) that you have to stop worrying. Hillary Clinton will win. She will continue the country and world you desire so much: the rise of terrorism, open borders without a vetting process, multi-culturalism at the expense of naturalized citizens, violence and the killing of police, a broken economy, despair in the inner cities, disdain for the middle class, veterans and the military, crumbling schools, further pandering to the fragile egos of college students who will enter the work force with fewer job opportunities, an infrastructure falling apart and, to top it off, widespread corruption, bribery and extortion. The Clinton Doctrine. So please, do all of your readership a favor, endorse her now, stop reprinting the pro-Clinton, anti-Trump articles, stop the spin, stop the blatant bias and just kick back and relax. She will win and let the celebration and coronation begin now.

Steve Marcinak