Letters to the Editor

Journalists have earned their ‘F’ grade from Americans

As a retired journalist, a recent column by Tom Eblen on the journalist’s role during the upcoming Trump presidency represented more than a passing interest.

I could not agree more with the statement: “the journalist’s most important role is to hold government and other powerful institutions accountable to the public.”

Where were journalists the past eight years? With the exception of Fox News, President Barack Obama enjoyed a free ride. Eblen called Trump a “compulsive liar.”

Where were Eblen and his cohorts when Obama promised “you can keep your doctor,” or proclaimed he learned of the IRS scandal and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while watching the news?

We still don’t know what orders, if any, were given by Obama the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. What happened to Obama’s promise of the “most transparent administration in history?” There are dozens of other examples.

What Eblen failed to mention, or perhaps, refuses to acknowledge, is that a journalist’s tool kit must also include fairness, objectivity and balance.

Journalists should be held accountable, too. It should not come as a surprise that an overwhelming majority of Americans have given our profession a big, fat “F.”

Ray Depa