Letters to the Editor

Victory tour, really?

A victory tour? Really? OK, if you’re the Chicago Black Hawks and you just won the Stanley Cup. Or a medal-winning Olympic team, but the president-elect? Are you kidding me?

First, it isn’t technically a victory since Donald Trump didn’t come anywhere close to winning the popular vote. In fact, he actually received a fewer votes than some of the losers of previous presidential elections.

Will the fact that his kickoff in Cincinnati had as many empty seats as full ones have any impact on his “yuge” ego? We don’t want or need a victory tour from him.

How about if he actually sat down and listened to the intelligence briefings he has chosen to ignore? Or perhaps meet with foreign policy makers and learn something constructive about foreign relations? Maybe talk to scientists to learn about climate change, which he made abundantly clear in a New York Times interview that he knows nothing about.

OK, go ahead and have the victory tour. Waste more of the taxpayer’s money paying the Secret Service. Just don’t be surprised if he doesn’t exactly fill arenas along the way.

Renee Marcum-Losey