Letters to the Editor

Bevin right to snub United Nations

If President-elect Donald Trump and nominees like Mike Flynn think that words insulting Muslims and Islam don’t matter, we must have collective amnesia. Worse, we’re moving back to square one.

In words Trump can understand, what the Muslim world is already saying is: Bring it. And our military actions will go on forever. Osama bin Laden hoped the U.S. would do something like invade Iraq and inflame the Muslim world. The invasion created ISIS, the fear of ISIS and outsiders, which paved the way for someone like Trump.

A young, unemployed, both illiterate and often highly educated Muslim population that faces daily humiliation at the hands of oppressors — sometimes its own corrupt governments — is insecure and full of rage. But they are secure in one thing: Their faith. I’m certain of only a couple things in this world and one is this: I know that Islam is not, never has been, and never will be the enemy. Also: You will never destroy Muslims, or Islam.

Divide and conquer worked in this country, at this time. So, now, who is the enemy? I wish people were becoming Islamists and radical Muslims, instead of tyrants. We wouldn’t have the problems we do today.

Zohal Osman