Letters to the Editor

Senate Republicans hold key to hope

The hope of the world is now in the hands of the Republican Senate. We must all remind our Republican senators that not all citizens are happy with Donald Trump’s generals and appointees who want to dismantle the agencies they are charged with administering.

Republicans can keep their new working-class voters and expand their party into 21st century demographics by advancing a positive vision that returns to the days when they were the party of education, the environment and small business.

Republicans can move toward the libertarians in civil liberties and embrace a sane, non-interventionist foreign policy. Pro-business passion can be directed toward making government work and supporting small business. Trump’s xenophobia can be directed toward recovering lost tax money and jobs that multinational corporations are stealing from America.

Democrats do not need to be disheartened when the political pendulum swings back, as it inevitably does. They have an opportunity to build the kind of social movement that gives meaning to lives while it accomplishes much. The kind of movement that transformed the South from its apartheid past into a more hopeful future — a transformation that was inconceivable before it happened.

George Brosi