Letters to the Editor

Kentucky’s cancer connection

Strange, the way light dawns on the Cumberlands, sometimes, not at all. We’ve been guinea pigs for corporations that pollute our waterways and air, leaving Kentuckians with arsenic, aluminum, lead and radioactive isotopes running through our rivers and veins.

We get cancer bad in Kentucky. Now elites are getting paid to take radioactive muck from fracking into clay-lined landfills, because our legislature won’t set guidelines for anything that interferes with profits.

One bone cancer victim’s treatment approaches $150,000. Cleaning up one coal mine disaster costs millions. Removing radiation from our water supply is cost prohibitive.

Don’t start making a ruckus like those folks in North Dakota. That ain’t civilized. What’s civilized is taking the family to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to visit our kids, pretending not to see the connection between pollution and cancer.

Corporate greed breeds poverty. CEOs, how about renewable energy factories? Lead the way instead of wallowing in a sludge pit of ignorance and tumors. This toxic junk is airborne. Think your kids are immune because they drink bottled water?

Legislators must enact laws blocking TENORM (concentrated fracking waste) from Kentucky landfills, and set limits on toxic discharges into waterways/landfills. Legislator message line: 1-800-372-7181.

Leslie Bruner