Letters to the Editor

Change won

When discussing the recent election with my friends, no one was happy with their choices. No one was happy about the political rhetoric throughout the campaign. But, when it came time to vote, many just voted for change. They didn’t want four more years of the same policies.

Many in the middle economic class — taxpaying Americans — don’t believe they’ve had a voice and aren’t happy about our immigration, welfare and foreign policies. They feel that we are headed in the wrong direction.

Our country has unemployment issues. Yet, in talking with friends who are employers, they tell me they can’t find people who are drug-free and who want to work and learn new skills.

Many of our welfare programs are broken and, in some cases, encourage people not to work.

I believe both parties and the media should pay more attention to why they missed the election message, or there will be even more changes affecting current officeholders in the next election cycle.

This is the greatest country on Earth, yet many still feel we are off track. It’s time Republicans and Democrats work together and focus on the real issues.

Dennis W. Pike Jr.