Letters to the Editor

Feeling the anger

Can only the generals and CEOs change our lives for the better?

I think not; they are the people who put us where we are today: $20 trillion in debt, still in wars, letting the Federal Reserve print our money. There are plenty of people who could have filled those cabinet posts besides retired generals.

I didn’t vote for either one of the major parties. They are too extreme for the circumstances that face America today. And, yes, I did vote.

Remember there is a multi-billion-dollar lobbying industry in Washington that passes laws while we sleep. Do the lobbyists have more power than we, the people? That remains to be seen.

Being at the bottom of the income level myself as a maintenance man, I see why people are angry.

Quit taxing us so much that we don’t stand a chance of getting out of debt. The people in the golden towers don’t seem to care, do they?

Eric M. Laubis