Letters to the Editor

Oh, those family values

For the last eight years, I have been confused. Many of my religious, church-going, family-values friends despised the residents of the White House.

The Obamas seem to be happily married, kind, faithful, hard-working, self-made, great parents and of high moral character.

Our next POTUS has paid multiple fines for race discrimination, cheated contractors, faced and settled criminal racketeering and fraud complaints. His foundation used funds for illegal donations to influence the Florida attorney general, buy personal gifts and pay fines.

He insults and demeans opponents and insists you must strike back when provoked. He is a serial adulterer and has admitted sexually assaulting women, because he can.

He struggled to come up with his favorite passage from the Bible, though he claims it’s his favorite book, and said he has never done anything to ask forgiveness for.

Exit polls show that 81 percent of “evangelical, values voters” cast ballots for Donald Trump.

My confusion? I didn’t understand their “values.” The church today wonders why it’s dying. Now I get it.

Tony McCoy