Letters to the Editor

McConnell still blaming Obama on miner benefits

I can’t believe Mitch McConnell is again blaming Barack Obama for the coal industry’s demise in Kentucky, after admitting after the election that coal jobs won’t be coming back to Kentucky, because of energy alternatives and the high cost of mining hard-to-reach seams.

Like Donald Trump, he thinks all he must do to get people to look the other way and ignore reason is mention Obama’s name, and the diehard racists will immediately forget how bad McConnell is treating coal miners and start thinking about how much they hate Obama.

McConnell went on and on in a Dec. 13 opinion piece about all the things that he has done to help Kentucky coal miners.

“I didn’t agree with that legislation because it didn’t go far enough” is always his excuse. If people fall for this again they deserve everything they get for allowing McConnell to continue treating them like they’re stupid because he obviously thinks they are.

He acts as if those millions of dollars waiting for somebody to do something with are coming out of his own pockets. This money was set aside by the coal industry for reclamation. Release the money.

Yolanda Averette