Letters to the Editor

Obama leaves fine legacy

Many of us will miss President Barack Obama’s eloquent oratory. Although he failed to achieve many of his policies, a blindly partisan Congress often refused to put country first. The misinformation and hatred of a good, decent and intelligent man often obscured his highest dreams for a better America.

He did the right thing in the Iranian agreement and in efforts to mediate peace between intractable Palestinians and Israelis. He did right in promoting better medical care for millions of uninsured and for pushing for badly needed infrastructure, although Congress blocked it. His greatest domestic success was promoting economic recovery from the Great Recession.

Obama was logical, calm and decent in all national crises. He pleaded with us to be the best we could be. With the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, no American president in recent decades has exhibited a higher Christian compassion or shown a purer soul than Obama. God help us after Jan. 20.

Henry Everman