Letters to the Editor

No to charter schools

I am a Kentucky public school teacher and oppose BR51 regarding charter schools in Kentucky.

Our school is already struggling to meet the needs of a diverse population of students. Adding charter schools will only further undermine our efforts.

I cannot understand where the funding for charter schools (buildings, staff, curriculum, monitoring) will come from. Funding for schools has not increased in almost a decade .

Funding for Kentucky schools is already less per pupil than most other states. Why propose dividing the funding up even further?

Furthermore, the majority of charter schools under-perform public schools nationwide (CREDO, 2009). Do we really want to invest in something that has had so little success?

If you want to encourage innovation in public schools, release public schools from the burdensome shackles of high stakes testing and the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness system of evaluation.

Removing, or simply lessening, these expensive and time-consuming barriers to instruction would save money and return our focus to students and learning.

Charter schools are not the answer. Consider alternatives to improve schools that would be less costly, and would not disrupt and destroy the neighborhood public school: one of our nation’s pillars of democracy.

Jennifer Caravello