Letters to the Editor

Kudos for new tech committee

Kentucky is home to more than 341,000 small businesses that employ nearly 700,000 people throughout the state.

Now more than ever, technology is essential for creating a business-friendly climate that fosters and attracts entrepreneurs.

Technology allows small businesses in rural Kentucky to interact with customers around the globe in real time.

House Speaker-elect Jeff Hoover recently announced the creation of a Small Business and Information Technology Committee for the 2017 legislative session. The committee, which will focus on economic development issues, will benefit small businesses by encouraging the state to adopt and implement innovative technologies.

The 16 member companies that make up the Kentucky Telecom Association applaud this effort.

Policymakers and legislators must understand and embrace the link between innovative technologies and economic development. Entrepreneurs weigh access to technology heavily when considering where to launch businesses.

Furthermore, if Kentucky falls behind the tech curve, existing small businesses could relocate elsewhere.

The House leadership’s decision to move forward with a Small Business and Information Technology Committee affirms its commitment, not only to our robust telecommunications industry, but to the many entrepreneurs, small business owners and their employees who rely on new technologies to create and deliver their goods and services.

Tyler Campbell

Executive director

Kentucky Telecom Association