Letters to the Editor

Imperial, secretive UK

A recent article described the University of Kentucky’s practice of offering lucrative settlements and promises of silence if faculty members accused of harassment leave quietly. Such individuals can go elsewhere, leaving students at their new institutions st risk.

I have been a UK faculty member for 40 years. I believe this practice makes a mockery of the word transparency and puts other students at risk while keeping the facts at UK comfortably hidden.

Another article detailed punishment for a UK faculty member for unspecified acts while on a university trip to China. When the professor wanted the complete file released he was asked to waive any rights to sue the university. Few of us have the resources to sue a university with an unlimited legal budget. This allows the university to hide any actions it wishes by threatening faculty who question a disciplinary action with costly legal entanglements. This imperial attitude that the administration is above scrutiny from anyone even extends to lawful requests for information from the Kentucky attorney general.

All citizens should be concerned with the arrogant manner in which UK uses cries of “privacy” and legal maneuvers to shield the truth from public inspection.

John Wilson