Letters to the Editor

Goodness abounds

I’m often struck by the extent of bad news in the world today. The antidote for me has been serving as a volunteer with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree.

The Salvation Army collects families who need help providing gifts for their children on Christmas. One selects a specific child to shop for and then returns the gifts to a pick-up point for delivery to the family.

Working the Angel Tree table in Fayette Mall, I was continually impressed and delighted by the generosity of the many people who stood in line to provide gifts for children they never met.

Particularly touching were those who made repeated trips for multiple kids, children who were being guided by their parents in how to be generous as the family shopped together for Angel Tree kids, and those who gave despite having little themselves.

To people out there who may be troubled this holiday season, take heart. There is goodness in the world, much of it in our community. To all those who came to the Angel Tree table, thank you. I am enormously encouraged by your efforts and proud to have met you.

Brian Engle