Letters to the Editor

Old inglorious

I noticed the torn, tattered U.S. flag flying in front of the American National University on Sir Barton Way. I phoned and left a polite message requesting the flag be replaced.

Two weeks later I phoned again and spoke with an assistant to the director who had heard this complaint before. She explained that the university was still working on getting it replaced. I asked why wouldn’t they remove the flag in the interim. She said it was difficult and would require help to assure that it did not touch the ground, asking if I realized that the flag could not touch the ground. Coming from a military family I am aware of this.

I am not implying that she was impolite but that replacing the damaged flag had been given low priority. This I find deeply unsettling. Would it be difficult to gather several staff or faculty members to lower and fold the flag and take it to an American Legion Post for proper disposal?

I pray that a new symbol of our country will be displayed proudly in this new year.

Christine McCabe