Letters to the Editor

Russians revealed truth

Enough whining about the Russian hackers. In an election filled with lies, distortions and deliberate deceptions, the actual emails taken by the Russian hackers provided the only information that was true.

The emails showed Hillary Clinton lied in the Democratic debates when she claimed she told Wall Street to “cut it out.” Instead they showed she was getting $225,000 a speech from Wall Street for being a cheerleader.

The emails showed that access to the Clintons is for sale to donors to the Clinton Foundation. And that the foundation is really a global lobbying firm trading favors for donations. The emails showed that the Democratic Party really did collude to support the nomination of Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Of course, Trump lies constantly, too. His lies are easily proved untrue but his supporters don’t care. They think he is going to magically fill up those empty coal mines with coal that can put miners back to work.

Clinton lost for one reason: greed. The Clintons are now wealthy from selling their influence. That’s why she could afford to have a private email server in her house.

Kevin Kline