Letters to the Editor

New day for Kentucky

Kentuckians as a culture avoid change. On Nov. 8, Kentuckians went against the 100-year grain and elected a Republican majority in the state House. Kentuckians are ready for a new direction through more jobs and business opportunities.

I have been involved in business ventures for decades, some more easily obtained than others. All had great growth potential for our commonwealth. The new House Republican supermajority campaigned on the promise of bettering the business environment, creating growth.

Along with Gov. Matt Bevin’s pro-growth direction and Senate President Robert Stivers’ pro-business agenda, I look forward to House Republicans fulfilling a pro-business, pro-jobs growth agenda.

Kentucky must become competitive with our neighbors to attract businesses. I’m confident our new leadership will foster fresh ideas within government enabling the commonwealth to flourish and to spotlight benefits like our location that position us to lead.

For many years I have worked on projects with Speaker Jeff Hoover. He is a pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-family leader poised to deliver the new direction Kentucky deserves.

I am excited about the opportunities and encouraged by the direction and tone Hoover has set and know he will deliver.

Great things are on the horizon; 2017 is the beginning of a better Kentucky.

Jim Host

Kentucky commerce secretary, 2003-2005