Letters to the Editor

Right to work is wrong

Kentuckians did not vote Nov. 8 to make less money, be less safe on the job, to have more poverty in our state or to diminish our rights to bargain collectively.

A right-to-work law is wrong for Kentucky, just like it was wrong for every other state that has passed it. Supporters claim it boosts the economy. However in Wisconsin, which recently passed such legislation, citizens have seen a dramatic loss of jobs. In longtime right-to-work states Mississippi and Arkansas citizens suffer under high poverty and unemployment rates.

Kentucky is a diverse state with industries that are both union represented and non-represented. Passing right to work is simply a ploy by many large corporations to increase profits by taking from the very people who help make these companies successful.

Unions are democratically elected by employees to represent them as collective-bargaining agencies. To hinder that representation is simply big government imposing more regulations that create another system of welfare not supported by a majority of Kentuckians.

This legislation is a sentence for Kentuckians to earn lower wages and have a higher rate of workplace accidents and fatalities, and it will result in more families living below the poverty line.

Larry Gardner

Vice president, Communications Workers of America