Letters to the Editor

Call on McConnell

To the citizens of the great state of Kentucky: The nation looks to you to exert your influence over Mitch McConnell, the most powerful member of the United States Senate.

With Donald Trump’s election have come unprecedented acts of nepotism, conflicts of interest and overt racism at the highest level of government.

His election virtually insures scandals and investigations the likes we’ve not seen before.

Trump’s surrogates have suggested they will begin to require Muslims to register and have referenced the World War II internment of Japanese Americans as precedent.

This is a clear violation of the ideals upon which our country was founded and the First Amendment.

Our rights as citizens are only as strong as our weakest members’ and we cannot afford to allow some of our countrymen to have their rights stripped based upon their ethnicity or religion.

McConnell can be a leader by speaking out against Muslim registration. He has the power to shut down these un-American suggestions. That means your voice must be heard.

Contact your senator’s office now to let him know that you oppose Muslim registries. We must let our elected officials know that their actions will be remembered at the ballot box.

Alison Aske