Letters to the Editor

Ultrasounds for lawmakers

The recently passed House Bill 2 that requires ultrasounds for women undergoing abortions doesn’t go far enough.

Since the mostly older male legislative bodies are just interested in the womens’ welfare, I think there needs to be a way for the legislators to more fully participate in the process.

I suggest that for every woman who undergoes the ultrasound procedure, every single male legislator and Gov. Matt Bevin also should undergo the procedure.

These Trans-Rectal Ultrasounds of Man Parts (TRUMP) will surely be welcomed by all these men and make them understand how necessary they really are.

With these male legislators busy all day, every day, being “TRUMPed”, maybe they won’t have time to screw up other things like lowering blue-collar wages and taking away people’s health insurance.

Bob Gaidzik