Letters to the Editor

Kentucky privatizing public good

The headline, “Ky. political change ripe for pro-growth laws,” should accurately read that the change is “ripe for privatization of the public good.”

Thank the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce CEO’s column for providing a list for working families on what legislation to oppose: right to work (for less by busting collective bargaining), repeal of prevailing wage (paying fair wages for public-works projects), charter schools (draining monies from public schools), and legal reform (to stop the right to sue employers).

Not included in the list is Kentucky’s network of state parks that Gov. Matt Bevin has begun to incrementally commercialize and privatize, recently the golf courses.

In short, the Republican-controlled legislature will take taxpayer-supported programs, property and employees to hand over to business special interests.

Bevin, winning the governorship with 16 percent of registered voters, has no mandate, certainly not to hurt working families. The 70 percent of Kentuckians who didn’t bother to vote now has the responsibility to protest and protect the public against this veiled grab by business to enrich itself.

Bevin and President-elect Donald Trump share commonalities: rich men with no governing experience hiding their tax returns while handing taxpayers IOU vouchers for privatized health, schools and jobs.

Ramona Rush