Letters to the Editor

Election cause to rejoice

Every veteran should be jumping for joy with the recent appointments by President-elect Donald Trump.

The first appointments reflect a general mood of patriotism, devotion and a commitment to the American pledge of freedom, national direction and protection of basic values that made our nation the beacon of liberty around the world.

Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo and Michael Flynn are good solid choices who represent “America First” and a move away from internationalists who have weakened our country with the foolishness of global warming, open borders, nation building and leading from behind.

Americans will be proud again, and none more so than those who serve against terrorism, disorder, dictatorial conquests and the Islamic war on women.

We now will have a president who understands that the world is a dangerous place, and there will be dire consequences for those who threaten our way of life.

Let’s hope we have more veterans installed in government to fight the evildoers who want to destroy our freedoms. The U.S. military and our police are friends of the American way, and it is those brave people who protect every basic right that we enjoy.

The outgoing wimps failed us.

Robert Adams