Letters to the Editor

State free of union chains

I was in the committee room in Frankfort recently while testimony was given by Gov. Matt Bevin and others regarding right-to-work legislation. The hallway was filled with angry union protesters who were literally beating on the outside walls of the committee room and screaming so loudly that they almost drowned out the testimony of the governor inside. I witnessed Democratic House members, like the representative from my district, James Kay, smirking and enjoying the mayhem.

We all know the stereotype of union thugs who use fear tactics and intimidation to bully their way around the workplace, but this is a new low for Kentucky. I was in a union for five years and have seen the scam firsthand, with taking of dues money from hard-earned paychecks of the rank-and-file to use as kickbacks to the Democrat Party.

I’ve seen union bosses tell elderly co-workers that if they don’t vote for the Democrat they would lose their jobs. These folks are more like organized crime than any legitimate advocacy group.

I’m proud of the good Republicans who put the voters ahead of their own campaign funds. Kentucky’s future is now bright thanks to their leadership and the “Right to Work for More.”

Bill Marshall