Letters to the Editor

More fear than fact

In response to Zachariah Sippy’s Jan. 7 commentary regurgitating old liberal bumper stickers about Donald Trump:

I understand that as a high school junior, his education has probably portrayed America as an imperialist bully, promoted Islam while mocking our Christian heritage and left out the facts of who Fidel Castro really is, but Sippy’s commentary is all fear-mongering, no facts.

I know a great many Trump supporters, of all colors and age levels and I haven’t run into a single racist. Trump is no racist, homophobe nor xenophobic bigot. People in hijabs have not become targets and the gay population will not have to go underground. It’s just that transgender people will no longer have some kind of celebrity status now as we work on real problems like border security and an expanded job market.

Sippy is part of a generation of “what about me?” youth who are more concerned about hurt feelings than real life. He avoided mentioning President Barack Obama’s blatant disrespect for Israel, borders that are dangerously porous and Hillary Clinton’s litany of lies and deceit.

Sippy should try to explore the other side of politics instead of making sweeping generalizations. He may find an education and enlightenment that is missing in his narrow liberal social circle.

J.D. Mackey