Letters to the Editor

Labor nominee not for workers

Last week in Frankfort was a tough week for workers. Lawmakers quickly passed bills to weaken unions and lower wages on public construction. Just as quickly, Gov. Matt Bevin signed the measures into law.

Will it be any better in Washington, D.C.? It’s not looking that way.

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to be a champion of hard-working people, claiming that only he could make their jobs and their lives better. But his choice for secretary of labor is fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder.

Puzder’s company is the subject of class-action lawsuits alleging failure to pay managers fairly for overtime. It has paid back over $20 million in unpaid wages to workers in California. Restaurants in his chain have been found guilty of violating wage-and-hour laws in 60 percent of the investigations into their practices.

Puzder opposes any meaningful increase in the federal minimum wage and new regulations that would provide overtime pay to more workers. He regularly criticizes pro-worker regulations that govern wages, health and safety as “too costly” for business.

The president-elect promised to fight for working people. Putting Puzder in charge of the Labor Department? Looks like more trouble for workers and working families.

Rich Seckel

Director, Kentucky Equal Justice Center