Letters to the Editor

Bevin inconsistent about enforcing laws

I find it quite contradictory that Gov. Matt Bevin and House Speaker Jeff Hoover are calling on Attorney General Andy Beshear to “do his job” regarding defending Kentucky’s new anti-abortion laws — Beshear says his office will defend only House Bill 2 — even though Bevin lauded County Clerk of Rowan County Kim Davis for not doing her job with regard to signing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality.

Yet again, Bevin has demonstrated his willingness to legislate his morality on others, and he thinks he can act with impunity with regard to all of his decisions while in office.

I guess Bevin wants only to support or defend laws that benefit him personally or fall in line with his beliefs rather than follow the law of the land.

As a resident and taxpayer in this fine state, I find his actions in office so far to be pathetic and extremely disappointing.

I hope the people of Kentucky will speak out and make the decision to end Bevin’s reign during the next gubernatorial election in 2019.

Tanya Faberson