Letters to the Editor

Nothing wrong with Lexington’s flag

My husband and I are from Ohio but were having breakfast in Maysville recently. My husband handed me the folded first section of the Herald-Leader with the headline “Does Lexington need a a memorable city flag?’

When I unfolded the paper, I was shocked when I saw the photo of your quite lovely flag. It is not a “seal on a bedsheet,” as some described it. Quite to the contrary, it has a blue and gold border with gold fringe on the edges.

If the seal was tiny and intricate, I would agree that would not be a good choice. However, it is simple, large, historical and easy to see. Second, why does anyone want city flags to look like state and country flags anyway? By using your seal, you identify your flag. Isn’t it good for cities to set themselves apart? If your citizens do not know their city flag, then educate them on its meaning.

Do what you will, but this reminds me of the story, “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” Common sense should prevail here. This is much ado about nothing.

Ruby Jackson

Mount Gilead, Ohio