Letters to the Editor

Foolhardy to repeal health reform

There is absolutely no justification to repealing the Affordable Care Act. From the beginning opposition to the bill, which had Republican origins, has been entirely political and continues so to this day. The ACA has been a major success, not only by bringing health care to an additional 25 million Americans, but also providing it, overall, for lower costs.

It has provided care for those with pre-existing conditions no longer at the mercy of insurers, those under 26 assured of coverage through parents, and has eliminated of lifetime caps.

What problems with the program can be fixed with relative ease by Congress, if it only can find the good will to do so. To persist in this madness of repeal and what? Maybe delay, maybe replace somehow, someway with something better, when Republicans have been unable to come up with any serious replacement in six years of supposedly trying to do so?

All this would be comical if it were not so deadly serious a matter for so many millions of citizens.

Robert Emmett Curran