Letters to the Editor

Good riddance, Obama

President Barack Obama’s term in office is about to end and I am glad to see him go. He has divided this nation more than ever along racial lines despite his originally campaigning as a post-racial figure.

I had hoped that he would actually help to move our country beyond that old wound. He has made it worse.

In addition, he has harmed our country’s way of life that gives the individual the greatest freedom to own and create. Leftists like Obama believe in an equal distribution of the wealth within the nation and among all peoples of the world.

They believe war can be ended by reducing national military power and placing that power in the hands of an international organization like the United Nations.

Our role in the world as the last peacekeeping superpower has been jeopardized as a result and Russia and China have been emboldened to expand, along with Muslim extremists and Iran in the Middle East. Our allies, like Israel, have been undermined.

The world is far more dangerous now than when Obama took office. There is not enough space to discuss his attacks on the coal economy and our medical system, both of which are in shambles.

Donald Barlow