Letters to the Editor

Tired hysteria on climate change

The Dec. 26 op-ed by retired professor Mike Rivage-Seul used the customary resort to condemn unquestionably: equating someone to Hitler and the Third Reich.

He uses Environmental Protection Agency head nominee Scott Pruitt as the fomentor of a “revolution” to destroy the nation (actually the world) over climate change.

Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general, believes in states’ rights, taking issue with Barack Obama, who declared he would shut down electricity-furnishing companies and make costs skyrocket, saving the planet in the process. He's largely succeeded with the former, not the latter.

The professor quoted Thomas Jefferson regarding “inalienable right to life,” claiming Donald Trump will be guilty of monarchic power since making the Earth hotter would destroy life; ergo, the responsibility of the people to rise up against a government not guaranteeing that life.

The fact that climate has changed, sometimes radically, throughout history under diverse conditions means outside forces, not men’s forces, change Earth’s conditions.

It is part of the cosmos, mysteriously designed/inculcated with incomprehensible relationships among suns/planets/stars, and no one can explain how that affects climate.

Men of science are lucky to accurately predict weather four days in advance, much less presume to decipher the grand design, however they deem its origination.

James L. Clark