Letters to the Editor

My body belongs to me

In response to the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Sen. Jeff Sessions, nominee for attorney general, would not say whether he would uphold the precedent of the right to privacy. He said the question was “hypothetical.”

This is a clear diversion from the fact that his answer is no. He does not want to anger any pro-choice supporter because of his nomination. Yet, for any person who understands the basics of persuasion, it is extremely apparent he would not support the rule of law previously set.

Harrowing, mortifying, disturbing — none of these could possibly encapsulate what it means to a woman when someone is telling her she holds no power over her body.

My body is my property. There are limits put in place to ensure another human life is not jeopardized by my actions. However, I have no desire to willingly harm the life of another when it does become a separate life.

I do not speak for all women, but I do speak from a woman’s perspective. Thus, I do implore there be someone — be it man or woman — who does understand and agree with my words.

Zaynab Khan