Letters to the Editor

Skip coal propaganda

This devoted reader of the Herald Leader since 1968 is upset about the Jan. 2 commentary by Nick Carter of the Kentucky Coal Association, “Kentucky House’s new majority is real friend of coal.”

To say that “for the last eight years, we have dealt with a federal government that has unapologetically destroyed the coal industry” is to purvey propaganda.

The press is granted particular rights and are obliged to provide factual information that permits citizens to participate in democracy. The Herald-Leader is not fulfilling its obligations to the government or the citizens, some of whom have now lost trust in the press.

The paper and others must weed out comments that are biased or misleading. Here are some facts: The main cause of the demise of coal is the continuing shift in energy markets. There were more coal jobs lost under previous presidents than under Barack Obama.

Even Sen. Mitch McConnell has indicated the election won’t necessarily change the direction of the coal industry.

More important, the focus of a “war” on coal conceals an unconscionable ignorance of climate change. EPA actions related to carbon pollution address climate change at the same time they create jobs and save Kentucky families money. Provide us with facts, not propaganda.

Andrew J. Grimes