Letters to the Editor

Shameful repeal of health care

On Jan. 13, the U.S. House of Representatives voted their approval: The doors to the barn housing Obamacare are wide open, inviting its imminent demise.

All but one representative from Kentucky voted yes. John Yarmuth voted no. Personally, I excuse the rest of them, all Republicans. If you want to get along you must play along, and with the momentum this initiative carried there would have been no stopping it.

The momentum was ginned up in absolute absence of factual argument, just like the notion that Obamacare will be simultaneously replaced. In fact, most metrics show the Affordable Care Act to be working, albeit a little rough in some spots.

The shameful truth is that the driving force behind momentum to repeal and revoke health care is Republicans’ obsession with giving average tax breaks of $7 million apiece to 400 people.

Doug Epling