Letters to the Editor

Modernize Ky. telecom industry

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has long been a supporter of modernizing Kentucky’s telecommunications regulations which are burdensome, out of date and stifle economic development.

Traditional landline service is subject to monopoly-era regulations created for telegraphs and rotary-dial telephones. By forcing investment in out-of date technology, it is taking away much-needed funds for modern, high speed, dependable technology on which businesses depend.

Telecommunications reform will help the commonwealth attract new investment, create and retain jobs, protect consumers and build the new infrastructure we need to compete both nationally and globally.

In March of 2015, the legislature took an important step when it passed House Bill 152, which provided regulatory relief in limited areas of the state. No customer of even the largest provider has lost traditional landline service as a result, and the time is ripe to extend the same regulatory relief throughout the state.

The commonwealth’s communications laws are clearly out-of-date, and by strategically modernizing them now, our elected officials will encourage communications investment, while also signaling a friendlier climate for other industries as well. During the current legislative session, our legislators can finish what they started by voting in favor of pro-growth telecommunications reform legislation.

David Adkisson

President, CEO

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce