Letters to the Editor

Ky. senators on dangerous path

The hypocrisy of Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and so many other GOP senators, does not leave me speechless, but certainly unable to civilly describe my thoughts.

We just had an election, and I will abide by the results. It wasn’t a mandate, as evidenced by the popular vote, which offers 3 million reasons to ridicule that claim.

For those who want to cling to that, the law prescribes electoral votes elect a president. Refer to U.S. History 101.

McConnell and others openly obstructed the political process in too many ways to chronicle here and the result was a pathetically non-functioning government. “Conflict, not compromise” was the banner he championed. I vote for president based on a lot of issues, and nominations to the Supreme Court is high on the list. Trump has earned the right to nominate to the Supreme Court by being elected, just as Obama did when in office.

McConnell’s actions in refusing to consider a nomination for the Supreme Court did as much to create discord in not one, but all three branches of government as any election ever could. Now he expresses outrage when duly elected senators are following his very dangerous precedent.

Michael Ross