Letters to the Editor

Don’t ease gun law

Why would state legislators want to undo laws that keep Kentuckians safe? Senate Bill 7 will remove the license requirement for concealed carry of deadly weapons. In spite of survey results showing 88 percent of voters oppose concealed carry without a permit, some legislators are ready to follow the bidding of the gun lobby to remove permit requirements.

The right to bear arms is assured by provisions in the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions. Yet none of us is born with the knowledge and skill to handle and use firearms safely. Knowledge and skills require training.

Kentucky law requires six to eight hours of training to qualify for a concealed carry license, including instruction in handgun safety and the laws relating to firearms, plus actual firing range practice. For the safety of gun owners and the general public, it is common sense to require this basic level of training.

Our legislators must stand up to the National Rifle Association and protect the safety of Kentuckians by opposing SB 7.

Pam Raidt