Letters to the Editor

Robinson moronic

Sen. Albert Robinson, R-London, needs to be reminded that he was elected by, and works for, his constituents. By his own admission, he is currently employed by the National Rifle Association, works on its behalf and at its request.

Returning Kentucky to the days of the Wild West as proposed in Senate Bill 7 is unbelievably irresponsible. Once upon a time, everyone needed to use a gun on a daily basis to feed themselves and, occasionally, for self-defense. Law-enforcement officers were not readily available with a simple call to 911, and we were still in the process of usurping property from a justifiably angry native population.

Our forefathers and mothers were taught gun safety from childhood. Those weapons were relatively simple, and the harm inflicted on innocents somewhat limited. None of this is true in our society today. To allow carrying concealed weapons with virtually no restrictions — no permit, no license, no training — is moronic.

Meg Dumaine