Letters to the Editor

GOP flouting law

On the morning of the inauguration of the most despicable and divisive president-elect in American history, I was somewhat consoled by two letters to the editor.

One writer correctly observed that Gov. Matt Bevin is openly violating state and federal constitutions with his year of the Bible proclamation that he thinks allows him to force his religious beliefs on women, even gloating on social media about his fundamentalist-belief-driven actions during the first week of the legislative session.

Another reader expressed outrage that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had indicated before his confirmation that he would not uphold the right to privacy. That basic right includes allowing women to make personal decisions without government interference.

These messages with which I so strongly agree are obvious: to continue to uphold the division of church and state, and to honor women’s ownership of their own bodies. The current direction of the governor and the president is unconstitutional, unlawful and disturbing.

Why are our Republican legislators not doing their appropriate ethical duties to uphold the laws of this land?

Cindy Smith