Letters to the Editor

Flex kindness muscle

“BE KIND. Make the world a better place,” the billboard reads.

Thanks to Centre College professor David A. Anderson for spreading the truth, both in words and actions. It really is that simple. Kindness is a choice and everyone can choose it. Many times it does mean taking a breath, stepping back and making a conscious decision to be kind instead of reactive.

Unfortunately, this may mean flexing one’s maturity muscle — a muscle that has become weak, small, and in some cases, almost invisible. But as we all know, the best way to strengthen a muscle is to use it regularly. Flex it. Work it. Demand something of it.

Of course, it may be uncomfortable at first, perhaps even painful. But the more you use it, the easier it will become. When the world is in your face, full-volume blasting, choose to be kind. We are all role models for each other. Be a good one. Make the world a better place. Thanks to Anderson for reminding us of how easy it can actually be.

Wendy Jett