Letters to the Editor

Bottomless pit of hypocrisy

In his recent commentary, Sen. Mitch McConnell revealed anew that there are no depths of hypocrisy to which this disgrace of a senator is unwilling to sink. His smarmy call for the Democrats not to be “divisive” or “seek revenge” in Neil Gorsuch’s upcoming hearings is worse than hypocrisy. It is raw chutzpah, on the level of someone who would murder his parents, then claim special treatment as an orphan.

McConnell was responsible for the Senate’s dereliction of duty last year when he decided, for reasons that kept changing as they kept being challenged, not to allow the Senate to consider Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court. McConnell could not abide the prospect of the Republicans losing the majority they have enjoyed on the court for more than a half-century.

Given the pressing need to have the court at full strength to do its work, President Barack Obama and the Democrats should have proceeded to seat Garland. But they meekly let Garland wait, in the likelihood that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. What a fatal mistake, whose terrible consequences we’ll have to live with for a very long time.

Robert E. Curran