Letters to the Editor

Trump source of protests

We who supported a different candidate and agenda are being told to “get over it” and accept that Donald Trump is president. We have not forgotten that such courtesy was not afforded to President Barack Obama. We saw in 2008 and in 2012, and in all the years between and since, the images of the Obamas as apes, as primitive tribesmen; we heard the birther accusations, the assertions that he was a secret Muslim, that he would impose Sharia law, that he would take away everyone’s guns, etc.

The difference between then and now is this: Every one of the protests against Obama was based in perceptions and noxious stereotypes about his race, his purported religion and rumors without a shred of truth to back any of them.

What is being protested about Trump is what he has said, what he has done and what he has said he intends to do, including the ugly things he has said about and to women, the disparaging of non-Christian religions, the mocking of the disabled, the incitement to violence at his rallies, the desire to restrict free speech and freedom of the press. The lying about things that are obvious. All of it is verifiable, on tape, in photographs or in print, often in his own hand on Twitter. Many of us watched him say it.

He is being protested on fact, not rumor, not prejudice.

John Rice