Letters to the Editor

Nix charter school plan

Two of my three children have graduated from Fayette County Public Schools and have benefited from learning in economically and socially diverse schools. Their education also prepared them to thrive in competitive undergraduate institutions.

Public schools are a shared commitment to future citizens. The money spent is not for personal gain, except inasmuch as we are committed to an educated citizenry. Public schools are a community good committed to educating all of our children, including the most vulnerable.

Charter schools exclude our most vulnerable future citizens. These are the children who are least likely to apply. In addition, charter schools can, at their discretion, exclude children whose needs, socially or developmentally, are too great for the school.

Further, the national experience with charter schools has been that they often siphon public money into private pockets. Even non-profit charters seek the guidance of for-profit educational support, enriching those outside our communities rather than supporting our children.

Fayette County has an excellent public school system with many innovative options. I am glad that the conversation about how to strengthen the education of our future citizens is open. I implore us to strengthen public schools and support schools of innovation.

Deborah Flomenhoft