Letters to the Editor

Give crime victims rights

Like many Kentuckians, I never expected to become a victim of a crime, but this year marks the seventh anniversary of my husband’s death. Bryan was a Lexington police officer killed in the line of duty. While the man responsible sits in prison, the unfairness of this tragedy and the overwhelming one-sided criminal-justice system continues to haunt me.

My family’s journey to move forward has been daunting. It seemed no matter what corner I turn in navigating the criminal-justice process, my voice was silenced. Leaning on the love and support of others is what got me through my darkest days.

Fortunately, a victims’ advocate from the commonwealth attorney’s office came to my aid and helped me through this puzzling court process. Her guidance was so meaningful that I changed my career path to social work. But not all victims are this lucky.

We need Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, to give victims what the accused are already afforded — constitutional rights. Crime victims and their families deserve this justice. I urge all Kentuckians to call on our lawmakers to pass Marsy’s Law.

Brandy Durman