Letters to the Editor

Unreasonable gun bill

Senate Bill 7 would allow a Kentuckian as young as 18 to carry a concealed gun without a background check, receiving training or requiring a permit. The current law sets the minimum age at 21 and requires training before receiving a permit.

The current law is reasonable. The proposed law is not.

It is sponsored by Sen. Albert Robinson on behalf of the NRA. Lowering the age requirement means a deadly weapon will be in the hands of a young person who is still a teenager and less mature in judgment than at 21.

No training required is a ticket to an accidental shooting. Those of us who served in the armed forces weren’t handed an M-16 with some ammo and told to go off and do our duty. We were first trained.

No background checks and license may put a gun in the wrong hands.

Anyone who has read the paper or listened to the news lately realizes there have been a staggering number of youths killed or wounded by handguns. If you share my concerns, contact your state senator and representative and tell them for the sake of public safety to vote down this foolish bill.

Greg Tomko