Letters to the Editor

Trump will heal political sickness

On Nov. 8, a basket of deplorables defeated the me-first politicians in Washington and the arrogance that had presumed their continuation.

Moreover, the election unveiled the only real threat to America: More than 65 million voters knowingly voted for an ethics-challenged candidate. During Hillary Clinton’s 12 years on the public payroll, she and her husband earned $163 million in speaking fees plus her tax-paid salary, $2.1 million.

Capitol Hill has apparently become an ethics-free zone. The majority of long-sitting politicians became millionaires there. Consequently, America is $19.9 trillion in debt, her integrity is compromised in every Cabinet, and 43.1 million of her citizens live in poverty.

Enter Donald Trump with an idea that was originated and carried out by our Founding Fathers. They were the first to put America first, to the chagrin of King George III.

From Day 1, Trump opponents were sickened by him. Since the electoral-vote tally, their sore-loser examples, which taint impressionable youth, confirm that they are still nauseated.

Hopefully, for America’s sake, an eight-year regimen of “America first” will cure their nausea and neutralize the only real threat.

Shafter Bailey