Letters to the Editor

Women won’t shut up

I am a “nasty woman” from Clark County. I was near the stage in Washington, D.C. I saw Ashley Judd, heard every word. My cousins attended in Boston and Pasadena, Calif. Women are strong. Smart. Kind. Gentle. Tough. Nasty.

Together, we are power. President Donald Trump has inadvertently unleashed the third revival of female resistance in the United States. Modern communication has encircled the world with the embrace of loving women.

Every five decades we rise up to resist oppression. We resist racism, bigotry and bullying. We do this, not for women, but for humans. The day will come when a man who voted for Trump will rely on the strength of women to aid him in a time of need.

I will continue to resist hatefulness, intimidation and oppression wherever, whenever I see it. I stand for human rights. I stand with Trayvon Martin’s mom. I stand with Malala. I stand with Gold Star families. I stand with homeless veterans. I stand with LGBTQIs.

Together we took our pain, fear, anger, tears, laughter, intellect, experience, compassion, hope, dreams, strength and power to D.C. We will not be silenced. Never again. We demand education, equal pay, access to the voting booth and justice for all. My oath to protect and defend is beyond the best of my ability.

Antoinette Czajkowski